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31 Days of Giggles :: Day 1



You know that laugh that makes your side hurt, or the quiet laugh when you’re not supposed to be laughing like in church but your shoulders keep going up and down and you just can’t stop? Or the tee hee laugh that is kind of funny but maybe just to you or the kind where you kind of had to be there? Then there is that belly laugh of a child that seems to radiate joy out of every ounce of their being?  And then there is a great big laugh that erupts slowly and builds and builds and builds until your side is hurting, the shoulders are going up and down, your cheeks begin to hurt because your smile is outgrowing your face, the tears start streaming down your face uncontrollably? Yeah, those laughs take it all out of you and you are exhausted and certain you burned 1000 calories just laughing.

Laughter is a divine gift that builds bridges, heals brokenness, breaks the ice, bonds friendships and keeps joy in your relationships. Giggles, they come in all shapes, sizes and sounds in our house.  I thought for the 31 Days of Giggles series I’d share some of our favorite things to do to laugh with our family. It’s not going to be a stand-up routine.  I won’t be telling jokes.  Life is a just lot more fun when you’re able to laugh with your family and most of the time at yourself!

We had a couple sets of those Groucho Marx glasses in the house that I pulled out to show my son. He put the first pair on, then handed me the second set to put on. He started giggling. I put him up to the mirror so he could see himself and he could not stop giggling.Then he put his face right up to mine plastic nose to plastic nose and did an Eskimo kiss and got himself laughing so hard, then got me laughing so hard.

Later that day I was hurrying to try to get him into the car.  “Put your shoes on, mommy needs to find her glasses.” I was of course looking for my sunglasses and was handed a pair of the Groucho Marx glasses by my two-year old wearing his! We were late, but I couldn’t stop laughing!  When I went to take them off, my son pitched a fit.

So I did what any mother would do to get her child in the car, I kept them on! I loaded up the diaper bag and got him in the car, hit the garage door opener and pulled out and started driving down the street.  I glanced in the rear view mirror pulling out of our neighborhood to answer my son’s question and started laughing all over again at the site of him in his glasses and then looked in the mirror and realized I still had mine on too! Remembering I had waved at the elderly neighbor passing, I got laughing all over again!

Yes, I’m laughing right now remembering it all.  Maybe you had to be there!

Buy a pair of these glasses and you’ll never leave the house angry at your family for being late.

Have you lost your joy? Need some encouragement? Forgotten how to be silly? Hope you’ll stop by during this 31 Days of Giggles series! Be sure to check out the other 31 Dayers here.


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