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2012: Tiddlywinks officially launches!

Welcome to the launch of Tiddlywinks!  A place to create, encourage and hope!

The start of a new year always feels like that brand new notebook with a clean, fresh page.  I’m always anxious about not wanting to write on that very first page unless it’s just right.  Like everything in life sometimes you just have to start somewhere and not wait until it’s perfect.

That’s definitely my weakness, not wanting to do something until I have it all figured out.  Well I don’t have this all figured out, but I knew it’s what I needed to do. So then why Tiddlywinks?

Bored end of summer days, restless for adventure my brother and I would go to mom, “We’re bored.”

She always answered, “Well, I’m sure I can find more chores for you to do.”

“No mom, I mean it, I’m really bored.”  Then she would tell us to go play tiddlywinks with man-hole covers. Her silly way of telling us to go use our imagination and find something constructive and fun to do.

So this is my space to use my imagination and create.  Me playing tiddlywinks.

When I am doing what God created me to do it feels as though my soul sings! Do you know that feeling? Do you have that one thing that when you do it, you know undoubtedly you were born to do?  Word, images, stories, books, pen and paper, creative projects yes these are things that make me come alive and then it happens, my soul sings.

So this is the space for my soul to sing, to create in a way I hope brings glory to God for the gifts he has given.  Maybe it will offer you some encouragement or hope or give you the inspiration  you need to go do the thing that makes your soul sing!

This year I hope you set out to find and do what makes your soul sing! I hope you’ll stop by from time to time and tell me what is making your soul sing!
What’s your first step?  What are the things you love to do?  
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