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5 Ways to Keep Your Goals in 2012

It’s day 7 into the new year. Almost a full week. You may have started a new morning routine only to get to Tuesday and you forgot you had a doctor’s appointment and didn’t quite get your work out in.  Is it all over? Do you throw the towel in and forget all about your goals?

It’s not about the resolution. It’s not about beating yourself up and trying harder next time. You’re not a failure destined to never change anything in your life.

I said I would contain the clutter. You should see my family room. Yesterday my little one decided not to take a nap and the afternoon felt like it unraveled and then scattered across my family room floor along with puzzle pieces, trucks and Tupperware.

My husband came home a few minutes early and took my son to run errands. Normally, I would just use the time to clean, pick up and get dinner ready. I stopped myself and decided to go to the gym. I spent a whole hour that I could have cleaned, organized and checked off a bunch of to-dos.  I did something for myself that helped me contain the clutter in my heart.  The toys were still scattered but my mind wasn’t.  I didn’t beat myself up that the house wasn’t in complete order. Tomorrow is a new day.

Here are 5 Ways to Help You Keep Your Goals in 2012:

  • Write it down and put it somewhere you look everyday (your mirror, your refrigerator or your car)
  • Commit it to God in prayer. Ask for help, strength and in my case willpower to back away from the chocolate!
  • Try to do whatever “it” is at the same time everyday and it becomes a habit.
  • Ask your husband or friend to be an accountability partner to encourage you in your goal.
  • GRACE!! Give yourself lots of it! Start again tomorrow. It’s ok.

Making goals is a great way to be intentional about making sure you do things.  However, don’t let them become how you measure your worth, determine if you’re a good mom or be the driving force for your day. It doesn’t leave room for you to hear God speak into your day that a friend just needs you to listen to the news the doctor gave her. It doesn’t leave room for the toddler who just needs to snuggle and read one more book. Make goals, keep them and give yourself grace to start again tomorrow.

Do you feel like you’ve blown it this week? Which of the 5 Ways to Keep Your Goals can you try this week?

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