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A Reason to Pause

“It’s a good east coast rain,”  I tell my husband for the few minutes it just down pours, trees sway.

I love the quiet of rain, that noise it makes hitting the roof, and then the occasional sound of the car that swooshes by, tires going through a puddle.

It’s so infrequent here where I live in California. We don’t keep umbrellas in cars.   We don’t really watch the weather to know if we should pack one, it’s that rare.

Sometimes it just rains for a few minutes and dries up and the sun comes out. I used to wish for those days living back east when it could rain for a week straight. Here where it really never rains, we pray for rain.

Our gardens need it.  Our reservoirs need it.  Our hearts need it.

So on a day like yesterday when it rained all day, I welcomed it.  You are excited for the pause it creates in your day, the permission to change your plans and stay indoors and maybe even stay in your pjs all day, just because you can and so I did. I think my soul needed it as much as my busy schedule did. The gentle quietness it brings, the slowing down, the excuse to not have to do the “to do” list. Instead it was building forts, drinking hot chocolate, and reading books with my son.

The rain it did what it does best and washed away the dirt on the sidewalk, the pollen from the trees and the flowers drunk in deep and well, so did I. This washing away I needed too. It flooded my head with ideas that have been stuck. It flooded my heart with gratitude for the pause, being allowed to use a comma in your day.  It didn’t stop the deadlines, due dates or commitments, but it was the ahh, I needed that kind of day.  You know the days you know you just needed to rest in Him, quiet your heart and just slow down?

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation come from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.”  Psalm 62:1-2

There is mud waiting for us and puddles to be jumped in, but yesterday well, rain was a good reason to pause.

Do you ever wish you could just put a comma in your day and slow down? Why don’t we just pause more often?

I’m linking up at The Better Mom today. Come by and say hi.

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