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First Day of Autumn in Calfornia

It’s still been in the high 90’s here in California and no real signs of the seasons changing. I keep seeing my friends post pictures of their crisp, cool fall mornings back east and I’m ready for fall.  Today is the first official day of autumn and even after six years in California, I still wonder how cool it has to be to hang my fall wreath and put out my fall decorations?  Starbucks is already advertising their pumpkin spice latte and fall drinks and I still want a cold glass of sweet tea! We thought a trip to the mountains would do our family good and get us in the fall spirit.

Our MOPS group got together to go apple picking in the mountains today at a small local family run farm.  Yay for small businesses!   I like to feature small businesses because there is always a story and family behind all the hard work.  The Pulford Farm in Tehachapi, California graciously hosted our little MOPS group giving us a tour of their washing, sorting, and refrigeration areas.  Then they set a bunch of pre-schoolers loose to pick their own apples! What fun!

I love the chance for our son to learn about how food is grown and who is behind getting it to the store. It might not have been much cooler in the mountains, but it was a great day to enjoy some cider and pick apples. Yes, and I came home and hung the fall wreath too!

What are some things your family is doing this fall?  When do you put your fall decorations out?