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Remembering Our Military & Their Families Today

She left immediately after their wedding to the place they would be stationed for the next two years-Hawaii. To the outsider it was the ultimate honeymoon…beautiful beaches, great surf and one big Luau! If you’re a military family you know the hardship of any move. New homes to get settled into, another DMV visit and finding your new normal in this new city sometimes apart from your spouse.

They would next be sent to Clarksville, TN and her husband would have his first deployment to Iraq and then two more. She would wear a brave face & a black pearl necklace to remind her of their time in Hawaii together. She would say good-bye and pray that God would return him home safely to her. Then a new single life would begin: working, caring for home repairs, mowing the lawn, figuring out why the hot water tank wasn’t working, changing flat tires in the middle of the night and cooking for one again.

Strong, capable & selfless are words her friends would use to describe her before watching her face her first deployment. There are no words that adequately describe her sacrifice, love and service after watching her the last 11 years being a military wife. We don’t often see the faces of all the military families that support our troops and maintain life back home. Thanks to her I look harder for these families.

She didn’t sit back and just hope & pray. She lead her Family Readiness Group (FRG) on base. She communicated news to families who hadn’t heard from loved ones. She provided updates, welcomed & rocked new babies and even was a birth coach when a daddy was still deployed. She cried with widows & children when they learned their father or husband wouldn’t return. She taught moms to balance check books, she made meals, she listened, she laughed and she loved all while waiting too. She wore that brave face & pearl necklace encouraging others and continuing to pray for her husband.

Three deployments to Iraq later and he’s home safe.  To Dave & all our military personnel this Memorial Day thank you for the sacrifice and service to our country. Today we remember and honor you.  To my friend Curly & all our military families, I hope we always look for your families in our communities and find small ways to give back to you the freedom you have sacrificed for our families. We are grateful!

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