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Grace Full

When I would stumble over my own feet (I was 5″7′ by fifth grade) or clumsily drop something, my mom would tease that I should have been named grace because then maybe I would have been more graceful. I seemed to always manage to trip, stove a toe or cause some accident of sorts.  Had I only known then that I truly am grace FULL.

Full of grace given by my family who knows my shortcomings and loves anyways.

Full of grace given by friends who are far away yet when we pick up the phone no time is lost. They love in spite of months going by without speaking.

Full of grace by my husband who knows the deep ugliness of my heart and still sees beauty, that loves when I am unkind and short, who extends unconditional grace by believing the very best.

Full of grace by my savior who laid down his life so I might live GRACE FULL.

Today who can you extend grace to that may not deserve it, but needs it?  Maybe you need reminded today that you are GRACE FULL.