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What Chubby Hands Can Teach You

His chubby little hands folded together, head down, his little voice mumbling sounds in a whisper. He peeks up on occasion to watch.  If one of us is not there, he yells Daaaaad or Mammaaa loud for us to come too. He knows we gather all together to pray and give thanks. When we say amen, he claps and cheers enthusiastically. We teared up the first time he did it and it seemed like a cute moment to capture in a baby book, but God is using these moments to capture my heart.

Inside my belly before he was born, we wondered how we would teach him important life lessons like kindness, compassion, and gratefulness. We prayed God would give him a tender heart for those things and us wisdom to know how to shape his character. Now 18 months later, he is teaching us.

If he’s eating & I bring out something else to eat, he pauses and folds his hands. At a restaurant every time the waiter refills a glass or brings more bread, he pauses and wants to pray. Sometimes just because he will fold his hands and tell me to pray. At nap time we’re thanking God for what we did in the morning and asking for grace for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, we’re thanking God for fun at the park and sometimes for me to be patient.  God is using this precious life to remind me to just slow down and be grateful even for the days that there is no nap time and life is crazy. Isn’t this what God wants us to do, just take him along in our day and just talk to him?

He’s reminding me that God answered our prayer that we prayed when he was in my belly but God is also using our son to shape my character.

We can have index cards mounted on mirrors to remind us to pray, sticky notes on our dashboards, or we can see chubby little hands folded to remind us to pray!

Thank you Lord for chubby hands to remind me to just bring everything to you!